A commemorative day of a World War II battle that is celebrated in the municipality is the "Festa e Reçit," a celebration during which the commune garners over 10,000 visitors from the surrounding villages of Koplik and Shkoder. Many of the villages within the park also celebrate various religious festivals, which have become holidays for the entire area. Examples of this are Razma village celebrating Saint Premtes day, Shkreli celebrating Saint Kolli and Boga celebrating Saint Mhillin.

The festive days turn into festivals of artistic performances showcasing the songs and rhythmic dances of the area. The festivals bring out not only the rhythms and melodies of the area’s popular folklore, but also traditional costumes and other ethnographic objects. One of these objects being the xhubleta, one of the oldest pieces of clothing in the area, dating back to nearly 4,500 years ago. The men's costumes also come with a unique vest made of black lace. The women of Shkrel are distinguished for impressive artisanal labor that they put into creating traditional clothing and tapestries. Within these artisanal works, visitors can discern the many ancient symbols that are still being recreated today. These traditional practices make Shkrel’s culture very unique, explaining not only the origins and autochthony of the inhabitants of the area, but also showing the fine skills that go into the local artistic works despite the limited formal education of the local residents. The men of the area are distinguished for their stone sculptures and mosaics found on the various local towers.