Tourism in Shkrel MNP

The biggest advantage of the Shkreli Municipal Nature Park is that it can be easily visited year-round. Visits are not hindered by either weather or local terrain conditions. There are also numerous recreational activities that can be conducted within wild nature of Shkrel MNP.

Mountaineering: The most suitable places for mountaineering are Maja e Madhe (2011.4m), Maja e Rrasave të Dedes (2117m), Maja e Kamshollit (2016m), Maja e Mardomit (2179.9m), Maja e Trashanit (2054 m), Raba e Ducajve (221.4m), Maja e Rabes (2250m), Maja e Thatë (2541m), Radohima (2313m), Maja e Livadhit (2493m), Drugomires (1904m), and Maja e Veleçikut (1725m).

Caving: Ekzistojnë disa shpella në zonë, të cilat janë ende të pa eksploruara. Vizita në shpella rekomandohet të bëhet me udhërrëfyes lokalë.

Horseback riding: is one of the main reasons to visit the area. The most suitable routes are: Dedaj-Vrith-Razëm, Razëm-Bogë, Dedaj-Ducaj-Bogë, and Dedaj-Reç-Repisht.

Paragliding: The most convenient locations are above the village of Bogë, in the direction of Veleçik Mountain.

Agrotourism: The local farmers of the park invite visitors to join them as they perform their daily agricultural activities. Visitors can learn about traditional cultivation methods used to grow local fruits and vegetables and can also see how dairy products are processed. Farms apply good practices in both agriculture and livestock raising, generally growing only organic products. Reç village is the perfect location for this type of tourism.

Cultural Tourism: The area is home to some of the most unique rites, traditions and customs in the country. Exposure to traditional costumes, attending local festivals, visits to local artisan families, and attending weddings are all good opportunities to experience this kind of tourism.

Hiking: is a year-round activity in Shkrel, but the best time to do it is usually in the spring and summer since snow can cause some difficulties during winter. Local guides can explain the main natural, historical and cultural focal points of the area. It is also possible to organize longer trips of two or more days between Shkrel and the neighboring valleys.

Mountain biking: Visitors to Shkrel MNP can ride the mountain bikes within the park and in some cases may be able to witness more of its agrobiodiversity while on two wheels.

Snowshoeing: Snowshoeing is an activity for all ages and for people who want to enjoy the scenic Shkrel landscape during the winter season. Local guides and the guesthouses where visitors are accommodated can usually lend or rent snowshoes to those interested in walking in snow.