Vision and Objectives

The management plan of the Shkrel Municipal Nature Park (MNP) is an instrument that guarantees the sustainable development of this area, through the harmonization of the cultural and environmental aspects of the park’s territory.

The residents' vision for the park is to increase the quality of life of the community in the Shkreli area through the preservation, development and promotion of cultural and natural values, integrated in the development and management of the Shkrel Municipal Nature Park.

The main objectives of Shkrel MNP are:

  • sustainable use of the area’s natural resources;
  • management of the natural environment and cultural heritage for the benefit of current and future generations;
  • the support of residents in the pursuit and implementation of recreational activities in the area in a sustainable way and in accordance with the values of the environmental and cultural heritage of the park;
  • maintaining and improving relations and mutual cooperation, to achieve sustainable development of the area;
  • cooperation with landowners, businesses, farmers, local and central government agencies and especially with the community to ensure their livelihood; reflecting these elements in park management.