Close to Shkrel

Theth National Park - It is located to the west of Shkrel MNP. It has a distinct value for the MNP for two reasons: (i) because of the tribal ties, friendships and social relationships that the inhabitants of Shkrel have had and have to this day with those of Shala (Theth) and (ii) because visitors can easily come from Theth to visit the MNP, and then go on to visit Valbona or return to Theth.

Lake Shkoder - This is another protected area only 15km away from Shkrel MNP and is a unique attraction for visitors. The lake is an important water source for local fauna, remote territory habitats, and landscapes while simultaneously being home to tourism activities (boat tours) and traditional fishing practices.

City of Shkoder - The Montenegrin border is about 20 km away from Shkrel MNP, with Podgorica airport being only 35km away from the park..

Montenegro - Kufiri i Malit të Zi është rreth 20 km larg, ndërsa aeroporti i Podgoricës rreth 35 km larg nga parku.

The Alps National Park - Shkrel MNP is located on the southern border with the Alps National Park (IUCN Category II). The proximity to this park creates more outdoor opportunities for the visitors of Shkrel, as they also have the ability to explore the wilderness of the national park.